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Wölfl Card - Your international Fuel Card

International Fuel Card – that is the keyword! This free card is more than a fuel-card – this free card guarantees flexibility and safety. To be on the road fast, efficient and controlled, these are precisely the fleet management tags, no modern company or transit service manager passes.

Wölfl Card – a real service card

The international Wölfl Fuel Card (Wölfl Card) is far more than a simple fuel card. No matter how big your fleet is, it offers in addition to the convenient cashless refueling numerous other advantages, such as total cost control and direct online monitoring. Whether you are traveling only nationally or internationally, the Wölfl Card is the ideal partner for you.
There is an app available to you day and night, which will direct you to the next Wölfl-card-station by a roadside emergency service. Once downloaded it shows easily and quickly all the stations that will receive you and your Wölfl Card as a welcome customer. Updates are implemented regularly, this will keep you across brands informed about the growing network of partners.

A fuel card not only for Europe

The international Wölfl Fuel Card provides an efficient way through Europe. Cashless refueling without card fee, not minimum order quantity,  starting from one vehicle up to a large truck fleet, including all controlling regarding an accurate and timely billing – the Wölfl Fuel Card has achieved what no other supplier has been able to: you can verify the revenues of your drivers at any time with your access to our live-online-server. Fast and accurate your will see when, where, and how much each participant of your fleet consumed - thus you have complete control.... and that at one glance!
Our cooperation partners can be found in all major European countries and so our fuel card is an indispensable partner in the streets.
Safety is an important aspect of the Wölfl Card. Individual  PIN codes and complete control over the card usages make our Wölfl fuel card to one of the safest in Europe.

Save time with online services from Wölfl

The Wölfl – Online- Accounting -Service is the strongest argument for the international Wölfl-Fuel-Card – full control, no elaborate collecting of documents, the possibility of direct intervention. You will also receive a monthly invoice, which means enormous time savings for your accounts!

In order to use the Wölfl Card optimally as a customer, we work out a concept that fits especially your needs. No matter how big your fleet is – our service covers all your claims.

  • Cashless refueling
  • Billing from one single source
  • Cheap purchase conditions
  • Complete Cost Control around the clock
  • And many other additional services

Apply today for your Wölfl Card!

  • Download the Service Card application now!
  • Please fill out the application form for the Wölfl fuel card completely.
  • Please convey a signed copy of the form to Wölfl

We look forward to welcoming you as Wölfl Card customers soon!